Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Networks

Local Interest Group

The Local Interest Group is an important part of enabling disabled people of all ages to fulfil the roles and responsibilities of citizenship. Without choice and control, disabled people face barriers to participating in, and contributing to, society.  There is considerable evidence that disabled people – across all impairment and age groups – experience unequal access to healthcare and inequalities in health. In addition, for many people, management of a long-term health condition is key to their quality of life and participation in society.

Our Local Interest Group which was established in 2015 monitors and influences inclusion within SWBH for all protected characteristic groups.  The LIG is made up of patient representatives and senior colleagues from our organisation including chaplains and the chairs of each of our staff networks.  The group works with the organisation to ensure a coordinated approach to service improvement to meet the needs of the protected characteristics and disadvantaged groups.

Membership of this group is made up of disabled and non-disabled people with an interest in the Trust’s work.

Local Interest Group – Terms of Reference.

Staff Networks

Our Trust launched three staff networks in November 2017 for the following groups – BME (Black and Minority Ethnic), LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual the Transgender) and Disability and Long Term Conditions, with Executive Director sponsorship for each group.  We will soon be launching a fourth network for colleagues from Eastern European backgrounds.

Diversity network groups provide a forum for individuals to come together, to share ideas, raise awareness of challenges and provide support to each other. When working effectively they are a key mechanism for driving change and making a difference, as well as giving staff the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

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