The 8 Standards of Outpatient Care

1. All patients will be seen within 6 weeks of the hospital receiving their referral. All referral letters will be scanned into CDA within 24hrs of receipt.

2. The patient’s first visit will always be to the correct clinic.

3. No patient will wait more than 20 minutes later than their appointment time to be seen.

4. By March 2014, no patient will have their clinic appointment cancelled by the hospital.

5. All patients will have their first appointment for diagnostics within locally agreed targets.

6. All patients will be investigated and treated according to the Directorate’s agreed clinical pathways.

7. A documented outcome of an outpatient visit will be available to the GP electronically within 2 working days. All communications will be easily accessible within the Electronic Patient Record. All patients will receive a copy letter within 5 working days.

8. All patients will be given an opportunity to comment on the outpatient service that they have received.

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