Occupational health

Health and wellbeing services are managed by the Occupational Health department in the Trust, which provides a wide variety of free or subsidised benefits for staff.

The benefits are not only felt by staff – surveys have shown an increase from 20% to over 70% in satisfaction rates among patients since the Trust introduced these benefits. The surveys showed improved morale among staff, more staff retention, lower patient mortality and lower infection rates.  

In fact the Trust has been so successful in this area that it has been chosen as a national example of best practice in delivering care and support for staff.

Other free services available through Occupational Health include:

  • Hypnotism services (for smoking, weight management or phobias)
  • Weight management programme
  • Smoking cessation
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Drug and alcohol dependency advice.
  • Subsidised services for staff include Holistic Therapy (massage, reflexology, Indian head massage and beauty treatments), and chiropody services.

Other services include:

  • health advisory sessions
  • rehabilitation following sickness absence
  • sports massage therapy
  • staff breast care clinic
  • headache specialist
  • ergonomics advice

The Occupational Health team publishes a monthly newsletter which highlights many of the activities and services available.