Counselling support

The Trust appreciates that stress, depression or anxiety – regardless of the reasons – can affect staff at home and at work. We know that a well-adjusted workforce will positively affect morale, culture, job-satisfaction, staff retention and the quality of front-line healthcare.

For this reason we offer a free counselling service to all staff, regardless of their role. If they have any worries – be they domestic, personal, work-related, relationship-based, or any other cause – staff can make use of an in-house counselling service.

The service is fully confidential, and does not require referral from a GP or manager. Staff can contact a telephone service throughout the day, and book an appointment for a free, confidential session, or group of sessions, with a counsellor.

Depression and anxiety can become chronic conditions, so we provide this service for the wellbeing of our staff. The Trust does not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of existing mental health issues.