Saving you money
The voucher scheme works using a process called Salary Sacrifice. This means that vouchers are received instead of part of your salary. The vouchers are free of tax or national insurance, so you can save up to £900 a year

Basic rate tax-payers may receive up to £243 in vouchers each month, or twice that amount if your partner is also employed by the Trust. Higher rate tax payers may receive up to £124 per month in vouchers, with additional rate tax payers entitled to £97 per month.

Qualifying childcare
The vouchers can be used for a wide range of childcare, including:
Nurseries, playgroups and pre-school
Childminders, nannies and au-pairs
After-school clubs and holiday play schemes.

Parents can use the vouchers to pay their existing childcare provider, up to the age of 15. The vouchers don’t expire, so they can be used whenever you need them. They can be used with multiple childcare providers; just let Kiddivouchers know if you ever change one.

The vouchers are widely accepted by childcare providers. Kiddivouchers will contact the carer of your choice on your behalf when you join the scheme.

How to use the vouchers
Kiddivouchers provide you with a secure on-line account. This is topped up automatically with vouchers near your normal payday. The account can also be managed by phone.

The best way to pay your carer is to ask Kiddivouchers to pay your vouchers straight into the carer’s bank account. You can also make one-off payments from your account should you need to. Your carer will be notified of the payment, which is also clearly marked on their bank statement.

Alternatively, you can order paper vouchers from your account. These can be handed over in person to your carer, who can redeem them by contacting Kiddivouchers.

Are other benefits affected?
Using the vouchers won’t affect your pension, nor overtime. It won’t affect your child benefit or entitlement to a free nursery place.

Some statutory benefits may be affected. These include statutory maternity pay or state earnings-related pension (SERPs). If you think you may be affected, contact Kiddivouchers for advice. You should contact them if you receive more than £545 per year in tax credits.

How to sign up
Go to or telephone 0800 612 9015 to find out more. The scheme number for Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Trust is S583056N. You’ll also need your employee number and carer’s contact details.