Volunteers Service

Volunteers are an important part of our hospitals. They contribute their time and expertise in a variety of ways. Volunteering is an unpaid role but does not replace the role of the paid staff at the Trust. Instead, it adds value and complements the care provided by our staff. If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer please contact us.

You can find application forms here for over 18’s and 16-18’s.

  • Trevor a Volunteer at our Trust with Chloe Hames a Volunteer Service apprentice. Both are at a recruitment event raising awareness of the Volunteer Service

    Volunteering Opportunities

    Find out the different roles you can help with as a Volunteer.

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  • How To Volunteer

    Find out how you can join the Volunteers Service.

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  • Volunteers service has helped to find placements in the Trust for members of our community.

    Meet Our Volunteers

    Stories about our Volunteers – from them, and the people they have helped.

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  • Latest News

    The latest press releases and news items in relation to the service.

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  • Contact Us

    Meet our dedicated team who run the Volunteers Service – and get in contact with them.

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  • Breastfeeding volunteers gathered together for training for their roles.

    Our Volunteer Partners

    The Volunteers Service works with a number of partner organisations at the Trust.

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