Parkinson’s Disease Service


Dr D Nicholl
Professor C E Clarke

Geriatric Medicine

Dr A Majeed
Dr F Siddiqui
Dr M Oo

Parkinson’s Disease Nurse Specialist

Sister S Millward (community PD nurse)
Charlene Howell (community Parkinson’s assistant practitioner)
Shelley Turner (Nurse Advisor in Apomorphine therapy)

Our clinical teams are a part of the wider multi-disciplinary team (MDT) in the service. The MDT includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, swallow and speech therapists, clinical research/trial nurses. Our PD nurse specialists work together with the ICARES community team to provide integrated care to our PD patients in the community. We keep a strong partnership with Parkinson’s UK. Our local information and support worker for Parkinson’s UK is Julie Ball.

Our Services

Professor Clarke, Drs Nicholl and Siddiqui have PD clinics at City Hospital. Dr Majeed’s PD clinic is based in Sandwell Hospital. Dr Oo has a PD clinic in Rowley Regis Hospital. We provide multi-disciplinary team based integrated services as below:

  • Clinical assessment, diagnosis, management of Parkinson’s disease and other common movement disorders such as Essential Tremor
  • Investigation and imaging such as DaTSCAN to support the diagnosis (if indicated)
  • Physiotherapy and other rehabilitation assessments through the ICARES team at Rowley Regis Hospital
  • Community PD follow up and domiciliary visit (mainly provided by our Community PD nurses linked with Dr Oo).
  • Apomorphine response test with assessment leading to Apomorphine injections or infusions.

In addition we provide in-patient PD review and opinions in both City and Sandwell hospitals.

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Referring to Us

To the PD consultants

As per NICE PD care guideline (CG35), a patient presenting with bradykinesia, tremor, stiffness, slowness, unsteadiness, or gait problems should be referred to us untreated.

NB: An older person having these symptoms with multiple co-morbidities should be referred to the Geriatric Medicine PD team.

Contact for referrals

Neurology PD Team

Ph: 0121-507-4073 or 0121-507-4588
Fax: 0121-507-5422

Geriatric Medicine PD Team

Ph: 0121-507-4904 (City), 0121-507-3494 (Sandwell/Rowley Regis),
Fax: 0121-507-5488 (City), 0121-507-3871 (Sandwell/Rowley Regis)


To the PD nurses

The criteria for referrals to the PD nurses are as follow:

  1. Confirmed diagnosis of idiopathic Parkinson’s disease, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, Multiple System Atrophy
  2. Marked deterioration in their condition
  3. Medication monitoring (or) concerns
  4. Have complex needs due to their condition
  5. Symptom management
  6. Requires information and education on condition
  7. Providing support in coming to terms with condition
  8. Sandwell GP patients

Contact for referrals to the PD nurse service

Integrated Care Service
Sandwell General Hospital
Lyndon, West Bromwich
B71 4HJ
Ph: 0121-507-2664 (Option 5)

Education and Clinical Governance

  • Teaching and Training

We accommodate undergraduate medical students and higher speciality trainees in Geriatric Medicine and Neurology in our clinics for clinical experience. We are actively involved in PD teaching and CME activities for Foundation trainees, Core Medical trainees, GP trainees, medical students and nurses.

The Birmingham Movement Disorders Course, a popular CME course related to PD and other movement disorders, runs every two years and is co-ordinated by Professor Clarke and Dr Nicholl.

  • Research and audits

Many clinical research studies and trials have been conducted under the supervision of Professor Clarke. The clinical audits related to the service evaluation and standard of care are undertaken in line with the clinical governance policy of the SWBH Trust.