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Diabetes is a condition that means the body cannot properly control the amount of sugar in the blood. The disease comes in two forms: Type 1 diabetes develops when the body does not produce enough insulin, and Type 2 is when the body does not use it properly.

Diabetes is an increasing problem for people who lead an inactive lifestyle or eat a poor diet.  We aim to improve the quality of life for patients with diabetes by helping them to increase their knowledge and understanding of their condition, and of course to provide relevant treatment.

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We treat all aspects of diabetes in both its forms, as well as conditions affecting other glandular systems in the body. Patients may be treated as an inpatient or outpatient in hospital, or at a clinic in a community setting.

We run clinics for patients who have been referred by their GP. We offer guidance and information about how to make lifestyle changes.

Treatments include:

  •   Optimising glycaemic control (using insulin to help control blood sugar levels)
  •   Managing cardiovascular risk (how the heart rate and exercise can help)
  •   Insulin pump therapy (an alternative to insulin injections)
  •   Renal (kidney) disease
  •   Patient assessment and advice on medication

We also run clinics for young adults with the disease, foot problems, management of diabetes during pregnancy and in pre-conception. We also have specialist teams providing care for adults with diabetes and support for their families or carers within their own home or care home.


If you require more specific information on these services please contact the relevant consultant through the main switchboard: 0121 554 3801.

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