Mollana Akm Kamruzzaman, Muslim Chaplain

First joined as a volunteer in Feb 2000, then in November 2000 was paid

Five brothers – he is the 4th son. Sent to religious study. Up to Masters level. 2 degrees. Did Business Management after religious studies.

In 1989 came to UK for private spinal operation. First operation failed in Dakka. Had New Victoria Hospital op in Surrey. Learnt English sayings, healthcare etc. In 1990 moved to Birmingham, asked by local community to stay as a teacher.

Speak six languages: – Siliti, (95% Bangaldesh in this country) Β North East Bengali, Urdu, Hindi, and mix of Urdu and Hindi (sub continent language)

North East corner district in Bangladesh, bordering Darjeeling and Silit is famous for many things. 95% of all people in UK from Bangladesh are from Siliti.

Had a role from Warwick University as Project Support Officer – Professor Mark Johnson, my guru he inspired me – Sahara Project – to identify the health need of Asian men. (Health Research project) gave me health understanding of NHS.

Was approached to volunteer at hospital to help his community. Language barrier, confidence and understanding – big problem for elderly in community to get access to healthcare. Being able to help in everyday things.

Explain practicalities like using local undertaker rather than one from further away.

Work one day a week at SWBH NHS trust, one day at Heartlands and 2 days at UHB.

We have volunteers to help in hospital. (4) 1 female and 3 males.

There is a challenge to community to volunteer to help in hospitals.

What does the job involve? Muslim women feel it is a very sacred time when they are pregnant and they deliver their babies. They call me if there is a birth – call for the assan – left akama.

Do the blessing – reading from the Koran and pray for the baby.

Other thing very sad. Bereavement. Very challenging. Our religious direction is that human should continue all kind of support as long as they can keep someone alive. situation we should always keep human alive.