Wi-Fi Service

Public WiFi at City Hospital & Sandwell General Hospital Now Available

A new WiFi service for patients and visitors is now available at City Hospital and Sandwell General Hospital.

The service, provided by WiFi SPARK ( http://www.wifispark.com ), offers users 15 minutes of free internet access via their personal devices.

To use the service patients and visitors need to find the WiFi SPARK network called WiFiSPARK_CityHospital or WIFISPARK_SANDWELL_HOSPITAL and connect to it to register.

There is a clear pricing structure in place that charges registered users as follows:

4 Hours – Β£3.20
24 Hours – Β£6.00
1 Week – Β£12.00
1 Month – Β£17.50

Payment can be made by PayPal or Credit/Debit card.

If there are enquiries about the WiFi service, enquirers should be directed to the

WiFi SPARK 24 hour helpline- Β 0344 848 9555 which is clearly displayed on the login portal. Β