Zero Tolerance

Violence or aggression towards staff or other patients will not be tolerated in our hospitals.

The Trust will seek to remove and prosecute individuals who behave inappropriately towards staff.

We try and support staff who have been victims of violence and aggression at work, both in the immediate aftermath of the incident and during any following court proceedings against their aggressor. The Chief Executive speaks to every individual member of staff who have been assaulted to find out if we could do more to prevent violence against staff in future.

The Department of Health has carried out an exercise that suggests that physical violence against NHS employees cost the NHS £60.5 million during 2007/08*.

Many of our patients suffer from mental illnesses such as dementia which means they are sometimes confused which can make them violent. We are doing everything we can to make them comfortable in hospital and reduce cases of dementia-associated violence.

*(Information from NHS Security Management Service: Cost of Violence against NHS Staff 2007/08, © 2010 NHS Counter Fraud Service)