Critical Care Unit

Critical Care is a highly specialised unit for patients in critically ill or unstable conditions. Patients admitted to the ward receive intensive treatment and monitoring until their condition has stabilised. Once their condition is stable, patients will then be transferred to an inpatient ward to continue their recovery.

The Critical Care Unit accommodates both male and female adult patients, and has up to 16 beds available. There is also one paediatric (children’s) bed available if it is required.

Patients can be admitted to the Critical Care Unit from Accident & Emergency, the Emergency Assessment Unit, from inpatient wards or indeed from other hospitals.

Ward Matron – Janet Cushnie

Deputy Ward Manager   – Lucy Peacock

Care on the unit is led by anaesthetists, but patients will also be treated by a multi-disciplinary team which includes consultants, doctors, nurses, health care assistants and pharmacists.

Please feel free to share your experience of being a patient on this ward. Please e-mail your comments to

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Patients in the Critical Care Unit will not necessarily need nightclothes unless they are able to get out of bed, in which case a dressing gown and a pair of slippers will be useful. Gowns with Velcro fastenings for easy use and comfort will be provided by the ward.

The ward may also be able to provide some toiletries, but it is always useful and often more pleasant for patients to bring their own personal items such as:

•                Soap

•                Toothbrush and toothpaste

•                Deodorant

•                Shampoo

•                Shaving foam and razor

•                Body creams are often useful as skin can become dry when in bed for long periods

The ward will provide towels.

Please bring any other items that may help patients with communication – hearing aids (complete with batteries), glasses etc. Storage space is very limited, so only essential items should be brought in. It is recommended that all other property and valuables are taken home with relatives once they have been documented and signed for.

The Critical Care Unit is located on the first floor of the main hospital building.