Patient Food and Drink

During your stay on the ward you will be served three meals a day. At lunch time and tea time we try and prevent unnecessary visits to the ward to that you can eat your meal in peace.

You are welcome to a hot drink as often as your condition allows. We also supply bottled water.

We provide an a la carte menu with over 20 hot meal choices.

Menu selection can be made either during the morning or the night before. If you have any special requirements, or can’t see anything on the menu that suits your requirements, please tell a member of our ward staff.

All wards provide a range of snacks, toast, and hot drinks 24 hours a day. Please ask your Nurse/Midwife for information.

We also provide the following meal choices:

  • Halal and non-halal meat
  • Vegetarian
  • Kosher
  • Afro Caribbean
  • Chinese

If you are unable to feed yourself, our red tray scheme will ensure that you receive assistance straight away. If you need assistance, we are happy for your family or friends to come at mealtimes if they want to. Please let a member of staff know.

If you need help to drink, you will be given a red beaker so that you receive the help you need.

Sometimes because of an operation, or as part of your treatment, you will not be allowed to eat or drink. Your nurse or midwife will explain this to you. If you do not need a meal, please write ‘nil by mouth’ at the top of your menu card.

If you miss a meal or are hungry outside meal times, a hot meal is available on request. Please ask ward staff if you would like one of these. Meals are served by ward service officers.