NHS Heroes (Q – Z)

​Here you can find all NHS Heroes with first names Q through to Z. Please note that the roles mentioned below are that of the members of staff at the time and they may have since changed roles within the Trust or may not longer be part of it.Β 

Rebecca Buswell – Service Manager, Community and Therapies

Rob Kemp – Decommissioning Project Assistant

Rachel Martin – Physiotherapist

Ruth Williams – Manager of the Integrated Care Service

Sarah Potter – Senior Research Midwife

Shameela Munir – Audiologist

Shazmeen Hansrod – Trainee Clinical Scientist in Radiopharmacy

Stuart Young – Staff Nurse

Sonia Williams – Intermediate Care Nurse

Tammy Davies, Group Director of Nursing for Primary Care, Community and Therapies

Dr Tamsin Radford – Consultant and Head of Occupational Health and Wellbeing

Tsitsi Banza – Staff Nurse, D25

Vikki Howard – Senior Sister