Dr Deva Situnayake

General Rheumatology, Inflammatory








I am a consultant rheumatologist and Deputy Medical Director for the Trust. In my clinical role I am a consultant rheumatologist practicing in general rheumatology but with a specific interest in inflammatory arthritis and connective tissue disease. I have been at the Trust since 1990. I also run a clinic dedicated to patients with connective tissue disease in which patients with a variety of diseases such as SLE, scleroderma and overlap syndromes are investigated and managed. I manage the rheumatology inpatients in the outpatient rheumatology unit. My role as Medical Director includes contributions towards the planning of a new hospital, the reconfiguration of hospital services particularly with respect to medical staffing and the implementation of effective systems for clinical governance, job planning and appraisal for medical staff.

Contact Information

Via secretary: 0121 507 4739


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