Change your appointment

Please allow two working days for a response from our team. If you would like to amend an appointment for the same day please call us on 0121 507 4151.

For appointment queries in the first instance please call the relevant telephone number on your letter or call our contact centre on 0121 507 4151, alternatively you can complete the form below.

Please note, if you are unable to attend because you are on holiday, please ensure you provide us with the dates you are away.

Cancel or Change Your Appointment

Change or Cancel Your Appointment
  • :
  • Please provide a valid reason as to why you would like to change or cancel your appointment
General enquiries will NOT be responded to. For general enquiries please use the ‘Ask a question‘ form or email the communications team

Please give as much notice as possible so we can offer your original appointment slot to someone else.

Patients may  cancel a new appointment on one occasion, however if it is cancelled a second time, they will be referred back to their GP for a new referral.