#SWBHstory – Staff

Our staff are enthusiastic about working at our Trust and comments from our recent Your Voice survey, taken between January and March 2018, illustrate this.

There was a 3.7 per cent increase in the number of staff members taking the poll.

It found that nearly three quarters of those who took the survey felt motivated at work.

Whilst there was a 3.5 per cent increase in the number of staff saying they were aware of changes that had taken place as a result of the Your Voice survey.

A total of 86 per cent of staff agreed, or strongly agreed that they were confident in recognising signs of abuse, with three quarters saying they would contact the Trust’s safeguarding leads to obtain information around the subject.

Here are some of the things that our staff said about working at SWBH:

“The Trust Promise is excellent and all staff should try their best to adhere to this in every day practice.”

“I feel the trust as a whole have some good working, honest, trustworthy employees. People in my department work above and beyond to support their patients.”

“I have worked at the Trust for over 22 years and that alone shows my appreciation of the care we provide to our patients and staff.”

“I think we are thriving in our care delivery to our patients.”

“I have recently commenced a new job within palliative care, I am thoroughly enjoying it and am amazed by how much of a difference the department makes to patients and their families. The heart of Sandwell Day Hospice is a fantastic service for palliative patients.”

The NHS Trust is a good place to work. Since I had been working with the NHS Trust I have learned so much.”

“I enjoy working for the Trust, it is a multicultural Trust which embraces diversity.”

Watch some of our staff talk about what it’s like working at SWBH: