Become a Foundation Trust Member

As a member of our Trust, you will be kept up to date with what is happening and we will engage with you in developing our plans to improve services. You will be able to vote in elections,  stand for election as a Governor, and are eligible to apply to become a Non Executive Director on the Board of Directors.

You will receive regular publications and communications via website and e-mail.  There will also be plenty of opportunities to be involved in a range of activities including member surveys and focus groups.  As one of our members you will be regularly invited to our open days and health related seminars.

Membership is free, and your level of involvement with the Trust is entirely up to you. Some members are merely interested in receiving regular information, while others take a more active role in helping us develop services by joining focus groups or gathering patient feedback. 

How to join

In order to become a public member you must live in the West Midlands. The minimum age for becoming a member is 11. To become a Governor, you must be over 16.

We hope to recruit around 8,000 people as public members.

Email  for more information about joining the Trust, or click here to download an application form.

Staff Membership
Unless you choose to opt out, as a member of staff you will automatically become a member of our NHS Trust.  Any employee who works for us on a temporary contract or through a third party for a period of more than 12 months is also be eligible to join.

Our people will be able to get much more involved in the way we run the Trust through ‘Listening into Action and our other communications initiatives designed to ensure the Trust listens and responds to them.