Foundation Trust

We are planning an application to become an NHS Foundation Trust. We believe NHS Foundation status will help us work with our staff and local people to continue to improve the performances of our services. Already more than 7,500 local people are involved in our ‘membership’, taking part in Trust activities and shaping our priorities.

Now more than ever we want to involve our patients, staff and local people to plan and develop services that respond to local needs and are provided closer to home.

  • Governors

    Key points to note Public and staff Governors will be directly elected from their constituency within the public and staff membership (elected for 3 year…

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  • Become a Foundation Trust Member

    As a member of our Trust, you will be kept up to date with what is happening and we will engage with you in developing our…

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  • What Is An NHS Foundation Trust?

    NHS Foundation Trusts are a type of organisation called a Public Benefit Corporation. They remain firmly part of the NHS and are subject to the…

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  • Join the discussion

    Engage is a vibrant online community full of lively discussions, and more ways to become involved in local healthcare. Click the link to find out more…

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  • Our events

    Our events are on a very wide variety of topics – things like infection control, allergies, nutrition, first aid. Click here to find out more.

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