NHS Heroes

Local NHS Heroes

“The NHS is full of remarkable, motivated people, who give a lot to our communities.  Here we focus some of our time on the quiet heroes from a wide variety of backgrounds, doing a wide variety of jobs, in one of the Black Country’s largest NHS organisations.  Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust provides community and hospital healthcare across Sandwell.  It employs 7000 people, many of whom live locally.  Over 1.5m times in the last year the Trust saw a patient face to face – and provides care from 150 locations as well as in your front room.”

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Julie Brooks Emma Graham-Clarke-1 thumb Lesley Wall Olivia Agar Ruth Williams Dr Lotay
Warren Chapman Julie Edwards Jenny Wright small Justine Irish small Akm Kamruzzaman Tsitsi Banza2
Jim Pollitt small Liz Green small Brenda Jumi small Pete Davies Ricky Dragon small Chris Rickards
Colin Holburn Tamsin Radford Angela Hook small Janet Hall small Amanda geary 2 small Professor David Luesley1
Denis Parkes Amardeep Singh small Glynis Fenner small JillyCroasdale Dottie Tipton small Bill Thomson small
NHS Hero Ann Stevenson thumb NHS Hero- Shameela Munir 2 thumb Sonia Williams Leasowes thumb Corrine Dacosta thumb Faye Mellington thumb Nadine Monk thumb 1
Diane Beaman Thumb Shazmeen Hansrod thumb Annabel Morgan thumb Arijit Mitra thumb Geraldine Cotton thumb Julie Guy thumb
Stuart Young thumb Rachel Martin thumb Katie Bowden thumb Jade Greenhough thumb Kiran Droch 2 thumb Helen Bessant thumb
Cynthia Dixon thumb Rebecca Buswell thumb Perminder Gill thumb Jenny Oliver thumb Linda Hodgetts thumb Jody Stubbs 1
Carmel Madden-1 thumb Judith Martin thumb Leong Lee thumb Jenny Donavon thumb Jenny Green thumb Claire Danks thumb
Julie Morris thumb Lauren Weigh thumb Matthew Rafe hero thumb Carrie Goodship thumb Mark_McBreen Thumb Claire Jones thumb
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