About Us

Becoming renowned as the best integrated care organisation in the NHS

Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust is an integrated care organisation.  We are dedicated to improving the lives of local people, to maintaining an outstanding reputation for teaching and education, and to embedding innovation and research.  We employ around 7,500 people and spend around £430m of public money, largely drawn from our local Clinical Commissioning Group.  That Group and this Trust is responsible for the care of 530,000 local people from across North-West Birmingham and all the towns within Sandwell.

Our teams are committed to providing compassionate, high quality care from City Hospital on Birmingham’s Dudley Road, from Sandwell General Hospital in West Bromwich, and from our intermediate care hubs at Rowley Regis and at Leasowes in Smethwick (which is also our stand-alone Birth Centre’s base).  The Trust includes the Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre (a supra-regional eye hospital), as well as the Pan-Birmingham Gynae-Cancer Centre, our Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Centre, and the regional base for the National Poisons Information Service – all based at City.  Inpatient paediatrics, most general surgery, and our stroke specialist centre are located at Sandwell.  We have significant academic departments in cardiology, rheumatology, ophthalmology, and neurology.  Our community teams deliver care across Sandwell providing integrated services for children in schools, GP practices and at home, and offering both general and specialist home care for adults, in nursing homes and hospice locations.

In 2015-16, 5,647 women gave birth with our help.  543,758 people attended outpatient clinics. 193,937 attended our two A&Es and our eye casualty, of whom 41,549 were admitted to inpatient beds.  We undertook 65,130 emergency and elective operations, of which 50,577 were on a day-case basis.  From this work in 2015-16, 1159  made formal complaints and we received a large number of compliments for the work of our employees.  In the 2015 national NHS staff survey, 61% of our staff would recommend or strongly recommend our services if a friend or relative needed treatment.

Each year we publish a quality account to outline to local people how our services compare to our aims and to others.  The latest data shows that:

Harm-free care:  We achieved 95.3% coverage for VTE assessment in March 2015.

Safe stays: Our overall readmission rate within 30-days of discharge during 2016 was 8.27%, and length of stay in our beds was 3.7 days, lower than the national average.

Waiting times: We were compliant with national standards for the care of stroke and cancer patients.  Our A&E at Sandwell met the 4 hour standard and most specialties (and the Trust as a whole) met the 18-week standard for waits set out in the NHS Constitution.  A number of specialties need still to achieve compliance, and we have to consistently exceed the emergency care standard at both hospitals.

Committed to public health and local regeneration

We are a key partner in efforts to change the shape of care in our area.  The ‘Right Care, Right Here’ partnership has now run for ten years.  Our intention is to provide substantially more care at home and rely less on acute hospitals.  We aim to move 350,000 appointments out of traditional settings and close a further 20% of our hospital beds, as we have safely closed 25% over the last ten years.  Whilst most of the programme involves investment in GP surgeries and health centres, we still plan to relocate our acute care into a single purpose built hospital.  A site on Grove Lane in Smethwick has been purchased for this purpose, following public consultation in 2006.  Our plans were approved in 2014-15 and we will open our new facility in 2018-19.  The new hospital will act as a major employment opportunity for local people and is part of a wider scheme to develop the area adjacent to the site.

Our training and education team are outward facing in sourcing the workforce we need for the long-term.  We have a very active programme of apprentices and school experience joint working.  We are partners in the Sandwell University Technical College development.  More widely we work closely with Birmingham City University, Wolverhampton University, Birmingham and Aston Universities.  The Learning Works is our community-based recruitment and training resource.

The Trust Board is committed to developing ever more consistent links into our local communities, working with voluntary sector, faith, and grassroots organisations.  The development of our governing body and the expansion plans we have for our charitable foundation will also reinforce this work.

Investing in the future

Each year we spend around £25m on new equipment and expanding services.  This is generated by the savings we make in how we provide care. This includes consistently meeting NHS-wide efficiency requirements.  We report financial results annually and typically target a surplus of around 1.5% of turnover, which we re-invest in patient care.  Over the next decade we will make major investments in three areas:  In the skills and training or our workforce; in the technology we use to both care for and communicate with patients and partners; and in our estate – in part through our plan to build the Midland Metropolitan Hospital to rationalise acute care.